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Friday, March 18, 2016

Announcing New Release -- This Cool Rocker: "GOD RULES"

Go to Google Play and look up LATTIN
Cover of NEW Album GOD RULES
Announcing New Release --
This Cool Rocker: "GOD RULES

If you like Christian music, you'll love this powerfully driven Christian rock song.

Yessirree!!!  The song this blog was named after (prior to its completion) finally mixed and mastered and remixed and remastered and ready for your ultimate consumption.

Now available at Google Play, listen for free and dig that classic rock solo.

Check out the chorus rounds and interplay.

Groove to the moving guitars and driving bass.

Listen carefully to the intro. How did I create that??

Lyrics - the subject matter: God is great, God is awesome, God Rules! (not just a slogan but a reality).
Go to Google Play to listen free and buy a high quality download.

This song is just the first track of my new album, aptly titled "God Rules". If you like Christian music, you're gonna LOVE the album "God Rules" as well.

Hey, you know what??? If you buy a download, email me and I will send you by email the lyrics for free.

Happy belated St. Patrick's Day!