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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas Song Preview 2014

Last year I posted a demo version of one of my Chrstmas songs, "This Is The Birth" to see what people thought. I was shared a little late in the season so I didn't get much feedback. The feedback I did get was pretty good so I decided to finish the song and round it out.

It will be officially released December 2 on CD Baby as MP.3. IN the meantime I want to give you a preview of it. The offical CD Baby description of the song stats as follows:

Here is a simple song about the birth of Christ, described simply from almost a child's point of view. This song can be considered an "unfolding" of the life of Christ and his mission. Musically it's a folk/jazz backdrop with some rock-ish guitar solo. Not melancholy, but moody, almost like feeling the awe of first seeing the child and his mother. 

Well, you know Christmas songs are usually meant to explain the Nativity narrative of Jesus Christ in song. One thing that is common with most Chrstmas songs is that they are written in major key. (most, but not all.)

This song is not in a traditional major key. The chords are mostly major sevenths because they  have that bell-like quality. I puposely avoided using the over-used Christmas or jingle bell sound. Something can sound like Chrstmas without jingle bells. Refer to Frank Sinatra songs for proof, who was a master at singing a song and emoting it to sound like Christmas.

My vocal style is a little subdued and the original had a Rod Stewart type quality to it. This final version has new vocals which is my unique sound. I had to refrain from singing too deep and tried to get a nice mid range quality to it. It's not perfect, but hey, I'm a composer not a full-fledged Amercian Idol singer. Duh!!

I listened to the final just a few minutes ago and yes, now I see my Robin Trower influence. I'm more or less referring to his acoustic and light electric styles, as well as tempo. The man is phenominal and I've learned a lot from his songs.

Enough talk!

Here is This Is The Birth . . .

This Is The Birth . . . by Rob Lattin Music