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Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Beautiful Christmas Song

Well, I've gotten some great feedback about my new release. The one comment I keep getting about "This Is The Birth" is that this is a "Beautiful Christmas Song." Well, like the "Little Drummer Boy" , I too have no gift to bring except this simple, from heart song. Here is the detail from SoundCloud:
Here is a simple song about the birth of Christ, described simply from almost a child's point of view. This song can be considered an "unfolding" of the life of Christ and his mission. Musically it's a folk/jazz backdrop with some rock-ish guitar solo. Not melancholy, but moody, almost like feeling the awe of first seeing the child and his mother.
I know I have been getting many people listening to this song, even overseas, but I need your help. So please share this song!