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Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Lullaby That Never Was

Hatred Begets Emptiness

A crib for there is no use . . . 
Diapers that will not be sold . . .
Another empty desk at kindergarten . . .
No little cry in the night . . .
No happy splashing in the tub . . .
No hugs and kisses and . . .
no giggles and burps . . .
One less brother or sister or . . .
one less neighbor or friend . . . 

An emptiness the world has never known;
A womb that was intentionally violated becoming a death chamber;
An evil the world has never witnessed;
The legal murder of an innocent unborn child


There Is No Lullaby, The Music Box Was Broken 

I've just finished mixing and mastering my next song "The Lullaby That Never Was." This song presents a wind up music box that is supposed to play a lullaby for a baby. However, because of an abortion, the baby is dead and the lullaby is no longer.

I tried to convey an image of a broken music box, attempting to wind it up and listen to it play but it keeps aborting. Then I go into the actual song.

A lullaby is to be soothing and happy. The mid-portion of the song is trying to express happiness at a new birth. Excitement breaks loose like a babe leaping in the womb.

Yet, that dreadful day comes and the song ends and the music box is broken. The happiness ceases and the baby is killed.

Throughout the song portion there is an undertone of sadness and sharp broken pieces played over the song to express this upcoming tragedy.

You Can't Cheat God

Abortion is the devil's way of thinking he can cheat God. You see, the devil knows that in most cases
that those not baptized will not see God and go to hell. So the evil one entices evil people to perform, march, and vote for total unrestricted abortion.

Why? The devil hates us ferociously and unceasingly. He wants all babies aborted and they are killed by the millions each year.

Well, those doing the killing and promoting of abortion will join the devil in hell if they do not repent. But the devil underestimates the goodness and mercy of God when it comes to the abortees.

The devil cannot trick God and through His mercy God will not unjustly condemn a person who wasn't even born. His mercy is infinitely good and His justice is absolutely right and as He Himself said "Let the children come to me."

The Body of Christ, His Church, prays for the innocent ones and desires that they are entrusted into His Love. The Holy Spirit, who is God, leads and guards the Church and will not act in contradiction to the will of the head of the Church, Christ. They are one and we should have some comfort that God will provide for the little ones who were snuffed from this life.

Their pain, torture and death does has some meaning for them. Woe to those who remain obstinate in
promoting the horror of killing your own baby. With that said, lives still need to be saved, as well as souls. Pray for the unborn who will suffer abortion, pray for the conversion of those evil abortion promoters and performers. Offer up your own sacrifice for a little baby who will be dismembered,
who is unloved, who is hated by our culture.

The American Life League has been fighting abortion for many years. Do your part and support them. Donate or help them in any way they can. Lives may depend on what you do or don't do.

Here is their link: American Life League

Here's some background about ALL:

The American Life League, Inc. is the largest Catholic grassroots pro-life organization in the United States. Founded by Judy Brown in 1979, her organization unrelentingly opposes abortion under any circumstance and opposes all forms of contraception, embryonic stem cell research, and euthanasia.
 THANK YOU Judy and everyone soldier at ALL doing God's will to protect life.

Remember - GOD RULES!

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