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Monday, September 14, 2015

Tapping Into The Treasure of Mercy - Cool New Remix and Brief Notes FREE download
Treasure of Mercy 2015 Remix by Rob Lattin Music

About 8 years ago I recorded an acoustic guitar instrumental that had somewhat of a jazz "zing" to it. Although I wrote many blues, rock, horror, and 50's style rock songs on guitar, this one did not fit into any familiar category.

Fast forward to 2011. I re-recorded the acoustic guitar and thought "hey, I love to add an electric guitar solo." So I did.  Listening to the early tracks I easily say my influences: 1. Jimmy Page a la "Going to California" and 2 the style play of Mr Rory Gallagher, a major influence in my guitar playing.

I read every interview of Rory Gallagher, I studied everything he shared about his playing, his influences, his likes. I listened to interviews. I bought and watched and studied all the live performances, seeing him live in Chicago and personally meeting him as well. (I am not the only one in the family, by the way!)

Well, Rory was in my Top 10. And it shows in my acoustic playing. However, I love so many different types of styles and genres and artists and performers that it's hard to pin down the proverbial "this song sounds like X (name your rock guitarist here.)"

No, the song sounds like Rob Lattin, and I mean this humbly. Well, I took the song and added percussion (bongos, tamborine, shakers, etc.) and played a new bass line to it. Then I played a 60's style organ to it. Perhaps it added a touch of Paul Revere or even Steppenwolf to it.

An early version of this song was posted to Reverbnation and was taken down as I was remixing and remastering a new version of this song. The title? I named it  "The Treasure of Mercy".

See, this song is an instrumental, but is a Christian song because of the title. Folks, it goes a little deeper than that and if we were to sit down, you and me, over a cup of coffee, I'd explain it to you. Nevertheless, let's continue with this post  . . .

Funny, I submitted the song to a Christian music site which accepts all kinds of "Christian music" but mine was not accepted. Maybe because there is no singing? Why does there have to be singing?

Anyway, it's named "The Treasure of Mercy" after the true Treasure of Mercy - the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Mercy can be yours - just open the treasure chest. How do you open the treasure chest? With a key.

What is the key? Being penitent and asking for forgiveness for all the times you've offended God and hurt your neighbors. At the end of the 2006 song I recorded called "I'll Sing the Blues (No More)" I sing "Mercy can be yours". The new song continues this theme.

This song, this instrumental, takes over and conveys an auditory image of that mercy opening up and pouring out like a waterfall because of the sorrow of your sins and asking for repentance. The song is arranged in different stages (or verses, if you will) as if you are approaching the confessional with a contrite heart and the door of mercy opens up ending the verse in a happy note.

The solo shows the heart being converted and settled at rest. The bongos of the drums can simulate the heartbeat as well.

Anyway, I am not going to preach, just explain a few notes about this song and it's appropriateness.

You can download the song FREE at SoundCloud but please do me a favor of sharing that song with others and perhaps even this blog post. Thanks - Rob Lattin