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Saturday, December 21, 2013

What Does Christmas Mean To You? Take The Poll.

What does Christmas mean to YOU?
Ah . . . Christmas! 

Christmas is a BIG holiday around the world. To some, it means material things. To a few, it means spiritual things. To activist atheists, it is a battle cry. To fundamental Muslims, it is a distraction. To others, it is the proverbial "Bah Humbug!"

Let's hone in a little on the concept of the word Christmas. When I say the word "blue", what word do you say immediately? Most people say red. If I say hot you say cold. If I say yes you say no. Well, if I say "Christmas", what do you say? Some may say Easter, others winters, other, still, perhaps, Hanukuk.

Well, if I say "Christmas", what are the first images you think of?

In our sad world, many would say "cars lined up at the mall". Here are some more images:
  • "It's A Wonderful Life film"
  • "Scrooge or Mr. Grinch"
  • "Christmas Trees"
  • "Family meal or visiting relatives"
Others may get these images:
  • "Loneliness"
  • "Loss of a Loved One"
  • "No Money - No Friends - No Love"
  • "Holiday Bonus" or "Day off from work"

The word "Christmas" is a loaded word. It is a single words that evokes thousands of images from memories of the past to plans in the future. With such a volatile word that means so many things to so many people at so many different times in their lives and circumstances, that it's original and true meaning gets lost.

Christmas is the celebratory Mass of the Nativity of Jesus Christ. How many people actually think of the image of the Holy Family looking for a place at an Inn, or the newborn lying in a manger? 

Christmas is more than one day
How many think beyond the baby that was born and actually see that Christmas image of God-become-man, let alone why he did what he did? 

Nevertheless, I am not making a sad commentary on the state of the world and people's thoughts about Christmas. I just wanted people to think a little about the word. Yes, it is buying gifts. Yes it is hectic and stressful time of the year. Yes it evokes plenty of memories, good and bad. Most of all, it is about the birth of Christ, first and foremost and although many may not share that same belief it is nevertheless true.

So for fun, I have attached a poll on this page to the right. Kindly, but honestly, answer the question "What does the word "Christmas" bring to mind?" Don't feel bad about your answer, either. There's always time to put it all in perspective.

So, will you have a "White Christmas" or a "Blue Christmas"? will the Grinch steal your Christmas or will Mr. Scrooge surprise you all? Will you remember that Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ?


To help you remember the true meaning of Christmas, I am giving you 2 FREE downloads:

"This Christmas Tree's For You" and "This Is the Birth" (they can be downloaded for free - see above this blog entry.)

As I mentioned in my two previous posts Alone For Christmas? and This Christmas Tree's For you, these are two songs that are musically diametrically opposed to each other. One song is a jazz-singed R&B song and the other a simple acoustic guitar song. One song is about the birth of Christ and the other is about the symbolic Christmas tree.

The Christmas Tree song was recorded in 1996 (remixed this year), The music to the Birth song was written in 1996 as well, the lyrics this year and the song was newly recorded in November 2013. I really appreciate your comments on these songs and hope you do enjoy them. Download them and insert them into your mix of favorite Christmas songs.


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